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I am a research scientist at CEREA, a joint laboratory École des Ponts Paristech - EDF R & D since 2005.
My research field concerns Air Quality Modelling and more specifically:

  • Development of multiscale modelling approach
  • Analyse of source / concentrations relationships
  • Modelling deposition fluxes of atmospheric pollutants

  • Publications in scientific journals
    • Bayesian inversion of emissions from large urban fire using in situ observations
      Emilie Launay, Virginie Hergault, Marc Bocquet, Joffrey Dumont Le Brazidec, Yelva Roustan
      Atmospheric Environment, Vol 323, 120391, 2024,, 2024.
    • Analysis of wall-modelled particle/mesh PDF methods for turbulent parietal flows
      Balvet Guilhem, Jean-Pierre Minier, Yelva Roustan, and Martin Ferrand
      Monte Carlo Methods and Applications, 2023, https://doi:10.1515/mcma-2023-2017
    • Modelling concentration heterogeneities in streets using the street-network model MUNICH
      Sarica, T., Maison, A., Roustan, Y., Ketzel, M., Jensen, S. S., Kim, Y., Chaillou, C., and Sartelet, K.
      Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 5281–5303, 2023,
    • Sensitivity of pollutant concentrations in urban streets to asphalt and traffic-related emissions
      Sarica Thibaud, Karine Sartelet, Yelva Roustan, Youngseob Kim, Lya Lugon, Baptiste Marques, Barbara D'Anna, Christophe Chaillou, and Clément Larrieu
      Environmental Pollution, Volume 332, 2023, 121955,
    • Accounting for meteorological biases in simulated plumes using smarter metrics
      Vanderbecken, P. J., Dumont Le Brazidec, J., Farchi, A., Bocquet, M., Roustan, Y., Potier, É., and Broquet, G.
      Atmos. Meas. Tech., 16, 1745–1766, 2023,
    • A time-step-robust algorithm to compute particle trajectories in 3-D unstructured meshes for Lagrangian stochastic methods
      Balvet Guilhem, Jean-Pierre Minier, Christophe Henry, Yelva Roustan, and Martin Ferrand
      Monte Carlo Methods and Applications, vol. 29, no. 2, 2023, pp. 95-126.
    • Bayesian transdimensional inverse reconstruction of the Fukushima Daiichi caesium 137 release
      Joffrey Dumont Le Brazidec, Marc Bocquet, Olivier Saunier, and Yelva Roustan
      Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 1039–1052, 2023,
    • MUNICH v2.0: a street-network model coupled with SSH-aerosol (v1.2) for multi-pollutant modelling
      Youngseob Kim, Lya Lugon, Alice Maison, Thibaud Sarica, Yelva Roustan, Myrto Valari, Yang Zhang, Michel André, and Karine Sartelet
      Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 7371–7396, 2022,
    • Eurodelta multi-model simulated and observed particulate matter trends in Europe in the period of 1990–2010
      Tsyro, S., Aas, W., Colette, A., Andersson, C., Bessagnet, B., Ciarelli, G., Couvidat, F., Cuvelier, K., Manders, A., Mar, K., Mircea, M., Otero, N., Pay, M.-T., Raffort, V., Roustan, Y., Theobald, M. R., Vivanco, M. G., Fagerli, H., Wind, P., Briganti, G., Cappelletti, A., D'Isidoro, M., and Adani, M.
      Atmos. Chem. Phys., 22, 7207–7257, 2022,
    • Scale invariant relationship between rainfall kinetic energy and intensity in Paris region: An evaluation using universal multifractal framework
      Jerry Jose, Auguste Gires, Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia, Yelva Roustan, Daniel Schertzer
      Journal of Hydrology, 609, 2022,
    • Quantification of uncertainties in the assessment of an atmospheric release source applied to the autumn 2017 106Ru event
      Joffrey Dumont Le Brazidec, Marc Bocquet, Olivier Saunier and Yelva Roustan
      Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21, 13247–13267, 2021,
    • Sensitivity study to select the wet deposition scheme in an operational atmospheric transport model
      Quérel, Arnaud; Quélo, Denis; Roustan, Yelva ; Mathieu, Anne
      Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 10/2021, Volume 237,
    • MCMC methods applied to the reconstruction of the autumn 2017 Ruthenium-106 atmospheric contamination source
      Joffrey Dumont Le Brazidec, Marc Bocquet, Olivier Saunier and Yelva Roustan
      Atmospheric Environment: X, Volume 6, 2020,
    • Trends of inorganic and organic aerosols and precursor gases in Europe: insights from the EURODELTA multi-model experiment over the 1990-2010 period
      Giancarlo Ciarelli, Mark R. Theobald, Marta G. Vivanco, Matthias Beekmann, Wenche Aas, Camilla Andersson, Robert Bergström, Astrid Manders-Groot, Florian Couvidat, Mihaela Mircea, Svetlana Tsyro, Hilde Fagerli, Kathleen Mar, Valentin Raffort, Yelva Roustan, Maria-T. Pay, Martijn Schaap, Richard Kranenburg, Mario Adani, Gino Briganti, Andrea Cappelletti, Massimo D'Isidoro, Cornelis Cuvelier, Arineh Cholakian, Bertrand Bessagnet, Peter Wind, and Augustin Colette
      Geoscientific Model Development, 12, 4923-4954, 2019.
    • Aerosol Plume Characterization From Multitemporal Hyperspectral Analysis
      Pierre-Yves Foucher, Philippe Déliot, Laurent Poutier, Olivier Duclaux, Valentin Raffort, Yelva Roustan, Brice Temime-Roussel, Amandine Durand and Henri Wortham
      IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, Volume 12, Issue 7, 2429-2438, 2019.
    • Pathway using WUDAPT's Digital Synthetic City tool towards generating urban canopy parameters for multi-scale urban atmospheric modeling
      Jason Ching, Dan Aliaga, Gerald Mills, Valery Masson, Linda See, Marina Neophytou, Ariane Middel, Alexander Baklanov, Chao Ren, Ed Ng, Jimmy Fung, Michael Wong, Yuan Huang, Alberto Martilli, Oscar Brousse, Iain Stewart, Xiaowei Zhang, Aly Shehata, Shiguang Miao, Xuemei Wang, Weiwen Wang, Yoshiki Yamagata, Denise Duarte, Yuguo Li, Johan Feddema, Benjamin Bechtel, Julia Hidalgo, Yelva Roustan, Youngseob Kim, Helge Simon, Tim Kropp, Michael Bruse, Fredrik Lindberg, Sue Grimmond, Matthias Demuzure, Fei Chen, Chen Li, Jorge Gonzales-Cruz, Bob Bornstein, Qiaodong He, Adel Hanna, Evyatar Erell, Nigel Tapper, RK Mall and Dev Niyogi
      Urban Climate, Volume 28, 100459, 2019.
    • An evaluation of European nitrogen and sulfur wet deposition and their trends estimated by six chemistry transport models for the period 1990-2010
      Theobald, M. R., M. G. Vivanco, W. Aas, C. Andersson, G. Ciarelli, F. Couvidat, K. Cuvelier, A. Manders, M. Mircea, M.-T. Pay, S. Tsyro, M. Adani, R. Bergström, B. Bessagnet, G. Briganti, A. Cappelletti, M. D'Isidoro, H. Fagerli, K. Mar, N. Otero, V. Raffort, Y, Roustan, M. Schaap, P. Wind and A. Colette
      Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19, 379-405, 2019.
    • Multi-scale modeling of urban air pollution: development and application of a Street-in-Grid model (v1.0) by coupling MUNICH (v1.0) and Polair3D (v1.8.1)
      Kim Youngseob, Wu You, Seigneur Christian and Roustan Yelva
      Geoscientific Model Development, 11, 611-629,, 2018.
    • Statistical atmospheric inversion of local gas emissions by coupling the tracer release technique and local-scale transport modelling : a test case with controlled methane emissions
      Ars Sébastien, Grégoire. Broquet, Camille Yver Kwok, Yelva Roustan, Lin Wu, Emmanuel Arzoumanian and Philippe Bousquet
      Atmos. Meas. Tech., 10, 5017-5037,, 2017.
    • EURODELTA-Trends, a multi-model experiment of air quality hindcast in Europe over 1990-2010
      Colette A., C. Andersson, A. Manders, K. Mar, M. Mircea, M.-T. Pay, V. Raffort, S. Tsyro, C. Cuvelier, M. Adani, B. Bessagnet, R. Bergström, G. Briganti, T. Butler, A. Cappelletti, F. Couvidat, M. D'Isidoro, T. Doumbia, H. Fagerli, C. Granier, C. Heyes, Z. Klimont, N. Ojha, N. Otero, M. Schaap, K. Sindelarova, A. I. Stegehuis, Y. Roustan, R. Vautard, E. van Meijgaard, M. Garcia Vivanco, and P. Wind
      Geoscientific Model Development, 10, 3255-3276,, 2017.
    • Uncertainty quantification of pollutant source retrieval: comparison of Bayesian methods with application to the Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi accidental releases of radionuclides
      Liu, Y., J.-M. Haussaire, M. Bocquet, Y. Roustan, O. Saunier and A. Mathieu
      Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, doi:10.1002/qj.3138, 2017.
    • Simulation of trace metals and PAH atmospheric pollution over Greater Paris: Concentrations and deposition on urban surfaces
      Thouron Laëtitia, Christian Seigneur, Youngseob Kim, Carole Legorgeu, Yelva Roustan and Benjamin Bruge
      Atmospheric Environment, 167, 360-376, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2017.08.027, 2017.
    • Using the Wasserstein distance to compare fields of pollutants: application to the radionuclide atmospheric dispersion of the Fukushima-Daiichi accident
      Farchi Alban, Marc Bocquet, Yelva Roustan, Anne Mathieu and Arnaud Quérel
      Tellus B 2016, 68, 31682,
    • Hints to discriminate the choice of wet deposition models applied to an accidental radioactive release
    • Arnaud Quérel, Yelva Roustan, Denis Quélo and Jean-Pierre Benoit
      International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 58, 4, 2015.
    • Modelling of the atmospheric dispersion of mercury emitted from power sector in Poland.
      Janusz Zyśk, Yelva Roustan, and Artur Wyrwa
      Atmospheric Environment, 112, 246-256, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.04.040, 2015.
    • Modelling atmospheric dry deposition in urban areas using an urban canopy approach.
      Nicolas Cherin, Yelva Roustan, Luc Musson-Genon, and Christian Seigneur
      Geoscientific Model Development, 8, 893-910, doi:10.5194/gmd-8-893-2015, 2015.
    • Identification of sensitive parameters in the modeling of SVOC reemission processes from soil to atmosphere.
      Vincent Loizeau, Philippe Ciffroy, Yelva Roustan andLuc Musson-Genon
      Science of the Total Environment, 493, 419-431, doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2014.05.136, 2014.
    • Estimation of the caesium-137 source term from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant using a consistent joint assimilation of air concentration and deposition observations.
      Victor Winiarek, Marc Bocquet, Nora Duhanyan, Yelva Roustan, Olivier Saunier and Anne Mathieu
      Atmospheric Environment, 82, 268-279, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2013.10.017, 2014.
    • Estimation of volatile organic compound emissions for Europe using data assimilation
      Mohammad R. Koohkan, Marc Bocquet, Yelva Roustan, Younseob Kim and Christian Seigneur
      Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13, 5887-5905, doi:10.5194/acp-13-5887-2013, 2013.
    • Impact of biogenic emissions on air quality over Europe and North America
      Karine N. Sartelet, Florian Couvidat, Christian Seigneur and Yelva Roustan
      Atmospheric Environment, Volume 53, special Issue: SI, June 2012, Pages: 131-141, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2011.10.046
    • Below-cloud scavenging by rain of atmospheric gases and particulates
      Nora Duhanyan and Yelva Roustan
      Atmospheric Environment, Volume 45, Issue 39, December 2011, Pages 7201-7217, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2011.09.002
    • Estimating the effect of on-road vehicle emission controls on future air quality in Paris, France
      Yelva Roustan, Marie Pausader and Christian Seigneur
      Atmospheric Environment, Volume 45, Issue 37, December 2011, Pages 6828-6836, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2010.10.010
    • Simulation of aerosols and gas-phase species over Europe with the POLYPHEMUS system. Part II: Model sensitivity analysis for 2001
      Yelva Roustan, Karine N. Sartelet, Marilyne Tombette, Édouard Debry and Bruno Sportisse
      Atmospheric Environment, Volume 44, Issue 34, November 2010, Pages 4219-4229, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2010.07.005
    • Contribution of atmospheric emissions to the contamination of leaf vegetables by persistent organic pollutants (POPs): Application to Southeastern France
      Solen Quéguiner, Luc Musson-Genon, Yelva Roustan and Philippe Ciffroy
      Atmospheric Environment, Volume 44, Issue 7, March 2010, Pages 958-967, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2009.11.012
    • Multimedia Modelling of the Exposure to Cadmium and Lead Released in the Atmosphere--Application to Industrial Releases in a Mediterranean Region and Uncertainty/Sensitivity Analysis
      Solen Quéguiner, Philippe Ciffroy, Yelva Roustan and Luc Musson-Genon
      Water Air Soil Pollution, 198:199-217, 2009, doi:10.1007/s11270-008-9839-0
    • Simulation of aerosol optical properties over Europe with a 3-D size-resolved aerosol model: comparisons with AERONET data ,
      Marilyne Tombette, Patrick Chazette, Bruno Sportisse and Yelva Roustan
      Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8, 7115-7132, 2008, doi:10.5194/acp-8-7115-2008
    • Technical Note: The air quality modeling system Polyphemus
      Vivien Mallet, Denis Quélo, Bruno Sportisse, Meryem Ahmed de Biasi, Édouard Debry, Irène Korsakissok, Lin Wu, Yelva Roustan, Karine Sartelet, Marilyne Tombette and Hadjira Foudhil
      Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7, 5479-5487, 2007, doi:10.5194/acp-7-5479-2007
    • Simulation of aerosols and gas phase species over Europe with the POLYPHEMUS system. Part I: model-to-data comparison for year 2001
      Karine Sartelet, Édouard Debry, Kathleen Fahey, Marilyne Tombette, Yelva Roustan and Bruno Sportisse
      Atmospheric Environment, Volume 41, Issue 29, September 2007, Pages 6116-6131, doi:10,1016/j.atmosenv.2007.04.024
    • Sensitivity analysis for mercury over Europe
      Yelva Roustan and Marc Bocquet
      Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 111, D14304, doi:10,1029/2005JD006616, 2006
    • Inverse modelling for mercury over Europe
      Yelva Roustan and Marc Bocquet
      Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 6, 3085-3098, 2006, doi:10.5194/acp-6-3085-2006
    • Development and validation of a fully modular platform for numerical modelling of air pollution: POLAIR
      Jaouad Boutahar, Stéphanie Lacour, Vivien Mallet, Denis Quélo, Yelva Roustan and Bruno Sportisse
      International Journal of Environment and Pollution, Vol. 22, Issue: 1-2, Pages: 17-28, 2004, doi:10.1504/IJEP.2004.005474
    Articles and other publications in french
    • Particules en suspension dans l'air : une estimation du fardeau sanitaire deux fois plus importante que les précédentes pour les PM2.5 issues de la combustion des énergies fossiles.
      Gaëlle Guillossou, Yelva Roustan
      Environnement, Risques & Santé
    • Impact des technologies de contrôle des émissions du trafic routier sur la qualité de l'air à Paris
      Yelva Roustan, Marie Pausader et Christian Seigneur
      Revue Références du Commissariat Général au Développement Durable, 265-269, septembre 2012
    • Modélisation de la qualité de l'air, un vrai défi scientifique
      Yelva Roustan, Revue Éclairages du réseau R2DS Île de France, n°8, juin-septembre 2010
    • Modélisation du mercure, du plomb et du cadmium l'échelle européenne
      Yelva Roustan, Marc Bocquet, Luc Musson Genon et Bruno Sportisse
      Pollution Atmosphérique, 191, 317-326, juillet-septembre 2006
    • Thèse de doctorat de l'École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, 2005. Modélisation de la dispersion atmosphérique du mercure, du plomb et du cadmium l'échelle européenne
    • Habilitation à diriger des recherches de l'Université Paris-Est, 2020. Modélisation numérique des polluants atmosphériques. Développements, analyses et applications.

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