AtmoData Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AtmoData::EmepCountryEmission< T >Stores an EMEP emission associated with a given country
AtmoData::FormatCSVInput/ouput class to read files in CSV format (Airparif)
AtmoData::FormatECMWF< T >Input/ouput class to read files in binary format at ECMWF
AtmoData::FormatMM5Input/ouput class to read MM5 files (version 3)
AtmoData::LaeaToLonlat< T >
AtmoData::LonlatToMM5LccInd< T >
AtmoData::LonlatToMM5MercInd< T >
AtmoData::LonlatToMM5StereInd< T >
AtmoData::LonlatToWRFLccInd< T >
AtmoData::LonlatToWRFMercInd< T >
AtmoData::LonlatToWRFStereInd< T >
AtmoData::MM5LccIndToLonlat< T >
AtmoData::MM5MercIndToLonlat< T >
AtmoData::MM5StereIndToLonlat< T >
AtmoData::MM5SubHeaderFor MM5 sub-headers
AtmoData::TimeZoneProvides time zone offset from GMT for a list of countries

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