SeldonData 1.6.3 - user's guide version 1


SeldonData is a C++ library written by Vivien Mallet for data processing. It enables to handle a large range of data in a convenient way. SeldonData is not intended to be efficient enough for high-performance computations; but it may be efficient since it is based on Blitz++ which should to be relevant for high-performance computations.

Common tasks are input/output operations, data extraction, interpolations, statistics, etc. Those operations may be achieved in a very few lines, through C++ methods. Low-level programmation is still possible (even memory allocation); but the library was written to avoid low-level programmation which may easily lead to mistakes.

C++ advanced features as exception handling are proposed. Exception handling is highly useful to check operations validity (bounds, dimensions, input/ouput operations, ...). Furthermore, a code based on SeldonData will benefit from a whole object-oriented framework.

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