Mailing lists

In order to receive the annoucements of the release of a new version or a patch or of a new document, you are advised to subscribe to our annoucement mailing list (low traffic) at the subscription page of Polyphemus-user .

If you are willing to help other Polyphemus users, please subscribe to our help mailing list at the subscription page of Polyphemus-help .

Contacts and Support

Contact Youngseob Kim (CEREA External link, joint laboratory of ENPC/EDF) for collaborations.

You can contact Polyphemus support team for technical questions about code usage or development.

You can also submit a bug or a request here.


The list of (present and past) developers of Polyphemus 1.6 is provided in alphabetic order. Current developers are marked with [CD].

People that helped with minor contributions, old contributions (now removed), with advice, or who provided code from which parts of Polyphemus are derived (alphabetic order): Marc Bocquet, Christelle Bordas, Jaouad Boutahar, Chimere team for Castor (developers: Laurent Menut, Jean-Louis Monge, Robert Vautard), Cécile Honoré, Luc Musson-Genon , Pierre Plion, Christian Seigneur, Germán Torres, Nikki Vercauteren, Denis Wendum.