Graphical User Interface

A Graphical User Interface has been developed for Polyphemus. Please note that it does not allow to do everything Polyphemus can. For instance you can only consider passive gaseous tracers and you can only perform preprocessing with one MM5 file. It does not allow to use the wide variety of models or modules offered by Polyphemus. It is only an easier-to-use introduction to Polyphemus.

graphical user interface


The graphical user interface is based on PyQt 4 a set of Python bindings for Trolltech's Qt 4. In order for it to work you have to install PyQt 4, to have Python fully working and you also need the latest version of Polyphemus.

Download and installation:

You can download the graphical user interface.

To extract it, type:

$ tar -xjvf  Polyphemus-GUI-Qt4.tar.bz2

This will create a directory named Polyphemus-GUI-Qt4/ divided into:

The directory also holds four python files: which defines some classes and functions used to launch a simulation, with functions to manage time, which defines most classes used and which starts the graphical user interface.

To start the interface, type:

$ python

Then open the help file with "Ctrl + H".

Older Version

An older and unmaintained version of the interface, based on PyQt3, is still available here. It is not adapted to Polyphemus 1.3, but it should be easy to modify the configuration files in configuration/ (not work/configuration/) to adapt them.