Source Code

You can download the latest stable version, distributed under the GNU General Public License:
Download Polyphemus, version 1.11.1 (2019-08-02), about 3MB of compressed archive (see below for quick installation).

In order to be kept informed of the release of a new version or a patch, you are recommended to subscribe to our announcement mailing list (low traffic) at the polyphemus-user subscription page.

You can also clone the Git repositories of Polyphemus at:
Please use the following script to clone all sub-projects. Cloning Polyphemus

Note these correspond to the latest version of Polyphemus, which may be unstable.



You are strongly advised to download and read Polyphemus User's Guide. This is the main documentation and the starting point for beginners. It describes the installation.

A short install guide (in French) is also available.

A reference documentation for AtmoPy has been generated using Epydoc. You are invited to browse it online.

The main parameterizations in use are described in AtmoData scientific documentation. In addition, this document briefly describes transport and scavenging in Polair3D and Gaussian models.


For developers:


The first step is to expand the archive you downloaded:

    tar xjvf Polyphemus-[version].tar.bz2 

This will create a directory named Polyphemus-[version].

The library AtmoPy makes calls to a C++ program called extract_configuration. You need to compile it using scons to have AtmoPy fully installed:

    cd Polyphemus-[version]/include/atmopy/talos

For almost every program, instead of makefiles, SConstruct files are provided (further informations about SCons and our support for it are given in the user's guide). Please read the user's guide to perform a complete installation.

To test the whole system, refer to the test cases on this website (Polair3D, Gaussian and Castor test cases).

Release Notes

From version 1.11 (2018/09/29) to version 1.11.1 (2019/08/02):

From version 1.10 (2018/04/10) to version 1.11 (2018/09/29):

From version 1.9.2 (2017/08/11) to version 1.10 (2018/04/10):

From version 1.9.1 (2015/09/08) to version 1.9.2 (2017/08/11):

From version 1.9 (2015/04/20) to version 1.9.1 (2015/09/08):

From version 1.8.1 (2010-12-02) to version 1.9 (2015/04/20):

From version 1.7.4 (2010-06-16) to version 1.8.1 (2010/12/02):

From version 1.7 (2010-05-07) to version 1.7.4 (2010-06-16):

From version 1.6 (2009-11-13) to version 1.7 (2010-05-07):

From version 1.5 (2009-05-20) to version 1.6 (2009-11-13):

From version 1.4 (2008-11-20) to version 1.5 (2009-05-20):

From version 1.3.1 (2008-05-30) to version 1.4 (2008-11-20):

Previous releases