Training sessions

These practical sessions were used during a training day in Paris (27 March 2007). They should help learning Polyphemus, after the system is installed and the test case(s) is/are done. They cover several important applications of Polyphemus.

For each session, you will find its text (explanations and instructions) and an archive (data and configuration files). Each archive expands itself in polyphemus-sessions/[name of the session]/. Hence you may expand the archives of several sessions at the same location; they will all appear in polyphemus-sessions/.

All sessions require that you install Polyphemus-[version] in polyphemus-sessions/Polyphemus-[version]/, where [version] stands for the version number of the Polyphemus you have installed.

NB: Have a look at the bottom of this page as indications are given about where to find the necessary raw data to your simulations.

Local Scale


Photochemistry and Aerosol

Advanced Methods

Previous versions of the training sessions

The version of the program to which the session is adapted can be found as [version x.y].

Where to find the necessary data?

Here are the links to the data necessary which have not been included in the archives :